Live At JAMS

by Flagship

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released September 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Flagship Baltimore, Maryland

A Three Piece by two cats who used to work together at a movie theater who came together to make music for the Old Souls and the Young At Heart.

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Track Name: NOLA
Save Me!
Im stuck in a cage!
The levees are breaking and im trapped with nothing.
Free Me!
Theres nothing for me.
just the trash in the street and the southern heat melting me down.

Im So Far From Home.
Im so far from being alive.
This strange air thats surrounding me
is keeping me from breathing deep.
Im lying awake, dripping sweat
smoking cigarettes at 4 AM
at the smokers bench outside of Biever Hall.

Im Drowning in the new orleans rain
up to my neck, and swimming for days
There's only one person who could keep me here
and she's too busy with her drugs and her beer.
i hate to think that i wasted my time
but its too late now so im saying goodbye.
I gotta get back to the life i used to know...
Track Name: Carry the Torch / Anchor
Carry the Torch:

Oh, Jesus Christ!
Is There Nothing Left of the World
Left to surrender to Vices and Vitues
Choose from the Holy Hate-breed or The Devils Brew.
Are we just looking for time to kill
or are we looking for time to live?
We are Children thrown to the wolves
as we're Burning in Water and Drowning In Flames.

Do you carry the torch?
Do you carry the light?
We are Wilting away.
Like a rose baking on the dashboard of your car.

We Children are lost.
We Children have nothing left
We are Blind! And Deaf! And Dumb!
And Looking for Solace!
Our Souls Crippled and Old!
Our Hearts Yearning and Young!
Can We Break? Can We Break?
Can We Break Away? Can We Hold On?


Don't you lie. the truth is in your eyes.
the way you look at him makes me wanna say goodbye.
you're only an anchor holding all the weight
of this speeding tanker, but the chains about to break.

You cant control the urges.
when you have all that you need.
you'd rather throw it all away.
and live inside a dream.

Your heart is frozen and ugly to the core
i have to bite my tongue to not call you a whore.
you've eaten at my soul like termites to a frame
please tell me where your heart is? Tell me where's your shame?
Track Name: Time To Grow Up
It's time for me to start growing up.

I've tried my hardest to do what's best
but all my friends say i'm a mess
i'm regretting all these walls that i've built up through to years
breaking through and wearing thin, i've come to terms with all my fears

we are on a track
desperate, we're looking back.

i need to figure out what i want out of my life
i'll be leaving in the fall, and i guess i'm running out of time
but i'm not ready to say goodbye.

Everything will be alright, i am not alone this time.
Everyone is proud of me, i'll miss this town i mean it.

It's time for me to start growing up.
Track Name: Believe (ft. Nolan Kerbert)
What do i Do? What Do I Do With My Life?!
Im always in my head, Living every single day stuck in the past.
And i cant catch a break. No, I Cant Escape.
I hate the way i cant control my fate.

I don't wanna grow up! But i wanna be old!
I want the heart of a child and the soul of a bitter old man.

I lie awake at night sweating through my sheets.
trying to make excuses for all my feats.
(killing what was left of the hope i had
for future at all.)

and now its come to pass
this world can kiss my ass.
(I see that my dad was right)
i never could win this fight.
and now that i am alone
I see what should have been shown.
and now im running in circles again and again.

cant you make me believe.
cant you make me believe in myself?
cant you make me believe?
cant you make me believe in myself?
Track Name: Tree Trunks (ft. Nolan Kerbert)
i've been sailing far away from this place
i called my home when i was younger.
All my friends have left me, i try to keep up with the stories
but i guess we've grown apart.

For my involvement in all the abuse,
i know what it's like when i'm being used
She talks in circles and screams up a storm
No, i don't think i can take much more
No, i don't think i can take it.

Her loving arms are like the trunks of trees,
But i've grown to ignore them with the changing of leaves.
and it's tearing me apart at the seams.
what else can i do?
but fall with the timber and hope i pull through.

You said, "It's a game."
but you're aging like milk three weeks past it's expiration date.
It's sad, but hey... i think it's better this way.
now drown in the run-off and go float like a twig in the bay.

Because you can't hurt me anymore.

i've been sailing far away from this place
i called my home when i was younger.
All my friends have left me, i try to keep up with the stories
but i guess we've grown apart.