by Flagship

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Recorded in the summer of 2013 at King Ink Music. This is a Party Rock Opera about 2 little boys who run away from home in an attempt to keep from growing up.


released August 9, 2013

Cody Harrod - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Boyer - Bass/Vocals
Tyler Horton - Drums

Cover Photograph featuring Tyler Vinje by Cody Harrod.
Engineered, Mixed, Produced by Josh Boyer at King Ink Music.
Featuring Vocals by Emma Worthington on 03, 04, 09.
Featuring Vocals by Nolan, Carl, Josh, Fred, Eric and Dempsey on 01



all rights reserved


Flagship Baltimore, Maryland

A Three Piece by two cats who used to work together at a movie theater who came together to make music for the Old Souls and the Young At Heart.

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Track Name: Tree Trunks
I’ve been sailing far away from this place I called my home, when I was younger.
All my friends have left me; I try to keep up with the stories; I guess we’ve grown apart.

For my involvement and all the abuse, I know what it’s like when I’m being used. You talk in circles and scream up a storm, “No I don’t think I can take much more” (No I don’t think I can take it). Your loving arms are like the trunks of trees; I’ve grown to ignore them like the changing of leaves. And it’s tearing me apart at the seems.

What else can I do? But fall with the timber and hope I pull through.
You said it’s a game. But we’re aging like milk three weeks past the expiration date.
It’s sad, but hey, I think its better this way. Now drown in the run off and you’ll float like a twig in the bay.

You can’t hurt me anymore.
Track Name: Cool Death
I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve cried. I just get angry whenever I try. My heart is young but I’m feeling so old, with lovers leaving me out in the cold. Can’t break my leg but I can break my back. Working too much/letting love fade to black. This world will never stop turning it seems. I fall to the ground like leaves from the trees.

What am I worrying about? Everyone says I’ll figure it out. But they don’t know a thing.

I won’t let your warm love be my cool death.

Why do I even try?
Track Name: Letters To Home
I’m growing up to quickly. I’ve heard it all before. Sometimes I write myself off. My home is now a hole. Just trying to stop the time from continuing to pass. I’m helplessly inept at seeking out the greener grass. I’m writing home to tell you my heart left long ago. I’m kicking bricks I’ve built up and it’s chipping pieces off my toes. So sick of the excuses; so sick of growing old. I hate the way you smile. You’ve made my heart grow cold.
Track Name: Time To Grow Up
It’s time for me to start growing up. I’ve tried my hardest to do what’s best, but all my friends say I’m a mess. I’m regretting all these walls that i've built up through the years. Breaking through and wearing thin. I’ve come to terms with all my fears. We are on a track desperate we’re looking back. I need to figure out what I want out of my life. Ill be leaving in the fall, but I guess i'm running out of time. But I’m not ready to say goodbye. Everything will be alright; I am not alone this time. Everyone is proud of me. I’ll miss this town I mean it.
Track Name: NOLA II
I fell in love for a short time. I fell in love one fall down in New Orleans.
We swam in the rain for a pointless cause. The trolleys were stopped, but we kept moving on. I want to hear you sing one more time. I want to hear you sing green grass once more before I die. I still think about you. The connection was deep. You still visit me in the REM of my sleep. She came to me in a dream like the first day of spring, after a cold, dark winter bringing flowers and leaves. She said that it would be good. Everything is alright. Oh, sweet frail Kara, how I wish you were right. I'm drowning in the New Orleans’ rain. Up to my neck and swimming for days. There’s only one person that can keep me here. There’s only one person that can keep me here.
Track Name: TwentyEleven
Summer is short it seems. Holding on to the in-betweens. Struggling with abandonment. False hope is worse I bet. Running in circles. Losing ground and confidence. Helping friends restart their heads. Scared of losing touch. Like my parents I won’t succeed. Unravel me my final seams. Packed in station wagons/ getting taxes back. Wishing and praying for that something we all lack. Thank god for helmets, halos, and
graduation caps. I hate looking back.
Track Name: Love Boat
I can’t believe that this might be the last time that I show you what it really means to be alive. Your legs wrapped around me. Your kiss so sweet, that it’s rotting out all my teeth. I know I’m not the first and I’m not the last, so open your arms and open your heart and let me feel your warmth just one more time. Hoist the sails and sail away. I’ll come back some lucky day. Let’s make amends before it’s too late. Let’s not turn love into hate. I’ll watch you stand upon the shore until I can’t see anymore. My love for you will always last, but memories stay in the past.
Track Name: Quiet Earp
These weary legs have walked for one long year. The bitter nights alone, the end is finally near. I’m searching for the answers; I’m searching for the truth. Those California clouds will be my living proof.

My smile will keep the lights on.
I’m missing home but I know there’s still some goodness left out here in this dark and stormy place.

Somehow it’s sinking in how long it’s really been.
This life is just a journey; this road will never end.

Call me Ishmael.
Track Name: Airplane Food
Running away from a life that I left once. My home is a time zone, but at night I’m all alone. Eating meals at the airport. So sick of the back and forth. I’ve got to get back where I belong. I could be driving around listening to Thee Oh Sees and smoking cigarettes. Instead of sitting on my bed I could be with my friends and not living in my head. I’ve been up countless nights trying to get my head right. I feel like giving up. If home is where you are I guess my heart is too. I’m trying to keep my chin up. I’m going home. While I’m struggling just to survive I find myself keeping you alive. I’m growing tired of all the games. I just wish you felt the same.